The company Isella Adelfio produces customized productions. Among these are the cabinets, which are given a particular style and that satisfy the customers's choice. Being tailor-made, each customer can choose the type of material and design for their wardrobe, also depending on the environment in which they are to be placed. It starts with a simple wardrobe, which can be placed in the bathroom area, to get more details and details rich in details such as a mirror cabinet, a painted wardrobe, antique or floral cabinets, antique lockers, corner cabinets and 5 doors's wardrobes. Whatever your requirements and needa are, even according to the available space of the premises, we at Isella Adelfio will be able to satisfy them.

Isella Adelfio & C. SNC - Via Cesare Cattaneo n°25 - 22063 Cantù (CO) Tel. 031 730207 info@isellaadelfio.it