The bathroom is considered as an oasis where regenerate after a tiring day. It usually tends to choose an environment that resembles a Spa where you can pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Choosing us at Isella Adelfio you will have the chance to give birth to your dreams. Thanks to our computer programs we can show you what your environment will be from the design to the finished product. In this way, and with the support of our experienced staff, you can decide how best to place furniture and sanitary items, decide to put in a tub or a shower if it is not possible to put them both, decide on their style and design depending on whether you want, an elegant bath at the same time functional or a room based on simplicity. At Isella Adelfio we are able to create any of your projects taking into account the space factor as well. In fact, in the case of small baths, we will play with accessories and styles that will allow you to create the optical effect that makes it look larger. You just have to contact us and submit your proposals.

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