The company Isella Adelfio has always been involved in the design of custom furniture and cabinets. The first phase of the process consists of tailor-made design of the product, and finally to the finalization of the product. Over the years, the traditional design systems of the creations created by the same company have been coupled with the most modern development techniques. In fact, the highly qualified staff employed in the company, using specific software, is able to closely follow all the planning process and, thanks to these programs, can create graphical designs that allow you to check with the customer how the product will be delivered Commissioned and how the work will be finished. At Isella Adelfio we manufacture traditional, precision and carpentry, decorations, special designs and design of all the rooms in the house: rustic furnishings, wardrobes, kitchens, bedrooms and suites, entrances, stays and bathrooms to give you dream ambiences.

Isella Adelfio & C. SNC - Via Cesare Cattaneo n°25 - 22063 Cantù (CO) Tel. 031 730207